Facilitating purposeful change...

We know that successful change starts and finishes with the soft stuff; it is only the people that can make the changes required.

Our approach focuses on the human and cultural context of change. For us, these aspects are not an afterthought, they are the primary factors determining whether change will succeed or fail.

We support or lead cultural change at any and every level and stage in the change process, from board level facilitation, messaging and business-case formulation to organisation-wide dialogue, education and cultural shaping.

Whether we are consultants for a change project or training leaders for change, we provide a catalyst that 'lets it happen' rather than ‘makes it happen’.

We help you to create the right mindset and skillset to enable the organisation to change and grow in resilience and flexibility and as it does, to become a better place to work and a more sustainable entity.

We see leadership and team work as being at the heart of organisational change. We work with those charged with the task of change to help them find the right voice, exemplify the change and define their own leadership so that they can inspire confidence; helping everyone, whatever their role, to see the opportunities for action that serve the change and helping them to become the change.


  • An engaged workforce, motivated to seek out ways to turn the organisation’s intentions into reality
  • Managers who lead with consistency, delivering change in an astute and sustainable way
  • A free-flow of information – the right information going to the right people, ready to be acted upon.
  • Engaged stakeholders with a drive to facilitate change across the organisation
  • Success that can be measured





      "Too often, when change fails, the soft stuff turns out to have been the hard stuff..."

      Leadership Coaching

      Working with leaders to develop their full potential

      Transforming Teams

      Working with leaders and their teams to achieve high performance

      Developing Leaders

      Developing the capability, confidence and knowledge to achieve high performance