A growing body of research suggests that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of ‘success’ than the more traditional measures of Cognitive Intelligence (IQ). 

EQ like your IQ can be measured but more importantly unlike your IQ your EQ can be greatly improved.  With this understanding and focus we utilise this tool in our Leadership Coaching programmes to raise an individual’s level of EQ and thereby increase his/her success. 

About EQ

EQ addresses the emotional, personal and social and survival dimensions of intelligence.  EQ is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings to be more successful in dealing with the environmental demands. 

The EQ Resource Report we provide contains several sections.  The report begins with graphical displays of the results for Total EQ, the 5 composite scales and the 15 sub scales.  The Total EQ describes the broadest areas of skills, looking at overall emotional and social functioning.  The composite scales break EQ into 5 domains of Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Stress Management, Adaptability and General Mood.  The 15 subscales then provide focussed information about specific skills within each of these domains.

When to use the EQ Report

The EQ Resource Report supports the initiation of positive change by offering simple development strategies.  The report and these useful strategies provide a great framework for a coaching conversation on how best to improve targeted EQ skills areas. 

Our EQ Coaching process can be used at any time but works best alongside a Leadership Coaching programme or in support of a Team Coaching programme for individual team members.

Once the report has been completed and generated we run a ‘Discovery Session’ where we explore the results.  In this initial session we then work with the person to develop a coaching programme with the primary aim of increasing that individuals EQ level.  The process spans a 3 to 6 month period and at the end of the programme the individuals EQ levels are reassessed to understand progress.

Key Benefits

  • Measures Emotional Intelligence – helping one to deal with the daily environmental demands and pressures

  • Provides people with a better understanding of their emotional and social functioning skills

  • Identifies and enables the development of specific EQ skills areas and supports the initiation of positive behavioural change

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