The Insights Discovery evaluator provides a 20 page personal development Profile which underpins our individual and team development approach.  In order to produce the Discovery profile, individuals simply complete an online 25 question evaluator which takes approximately 15 minutes.

Each Discovery Profile includes the Foundation Chapter, which comprises of the following key areas:

  • A personal overview
  • Your Key strengths and weaknesses
  • The value you bring to the Team
  • How to and how not to communicate with you
  • Your possible ‘Blind Spots’
  • Dealing with your ‘opposite type’
  • Suggestions for your personal development

The elements in the Foundation Chapter can be extended with other supplementary chapters which support and encourage further development and understanding in specific areas. 

Learn more about other Insights Discovery chapters.

Click here to view a sample Insights Discovery Report.

When to use Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a powerful and adaptable tool that can be used at any stage of a team’s development. It is most potent when you are looking to achieve one of the following 3 development objectives:

  • Raise individual’s self-awareness of their preferred behaviours
  • Understand better other people’s behavioural preferences
  • Using this information to adapt and connect to other team members

 Key Benefits

  • Simple and memorable colour system
  • Easy to understand and recall making application and behavioural change far more likely
  • Assists individual in going an understanding of their working style and how this impacts on others
  • Enables people to further enhance their inter-personal skills
  • Improves team performance by creating a more positive, productive team environment
  • Creates a ‘common’ language in the team that can be used for providing effective feedback

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    Click here to view a sample Insights report