Management Chapter

This chapter is a valuable inclusion within a leadership or team development programme so we include it as standard when using Insight Discovery.  The Management Chapter enables individuals to consider their own management style as well as the needs of those they manage or work with in terms of motivation, working environment and preferred leadership style. 

As such the Management Chapter explores:

  • Creating the ideal environment for you
  • How best to manage you
  • What will motivate you
  • Your management style

Personal Achievement Chapter

This provides a natural next step to the Foundation and Management Chapter leading the individual from an initial understanding of self to an exploration of how they can grow and improve in different areas of personal achievement, including creativity and goal setting.  The Personal Achievement Chapter can form an integral part of our Leadership Coaching programme. 

This chapter explores:

  • Living on purpose
  • Life and Time Management
  • Personal creativity
  • Life long learning
  • Learning style

Effective Selling Chapter

The difference between high performing and average sales performance is the ability to excel at each stage of the sale and anyone whose role involves selling or influencing people will find this chapter invaluable.  Building on the Foundation Chapter, the Sales Chapter explores how an individual is likely to approach each stage of the sale from preparation to follow through.  It is an ideal component for a sales training programme or as a coaching tool for a sales manager to use with team members. 

The sales chapter explores:

  • Selling Style
  • Before the sales begins
  • Identifying needs
  • Proposing
  • Handling buying resistance
  • Gaining commitment
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Sales preference indicators