Although we have a proven team development methodology which targets a number of team performance factors our approach starts with observation and understanding and not prescription.

The first step in our approach is to spend time with the team leader; this allows us to understand fully his/her needs.  We then talk to all of the team members and other key stakeholders to build a clearer picture of the current situation and their specific needs.

Building on this understanding we may commission relevant team effectiveness reports or psychometrics, like Insights Discovery, to further explore and understand the team dynamics and specific context in which the team operates.  Some of these tools also provide an excellent framework on which to tangibly measure some of the softer elements of the team’s progress and performance. 

At this point we propose an appropriate team development programme which has the right focus to achieve the identified performance objectives.  Once agreed with the team leader we then implement the team development programme which can be supported by parallel individual Leadership Coaching for the team leader or team members. 

Our team coaching programmes normally involve an initial one to three day event followed by a series of either half or one day 3 month follow-up sessions; this will depend on the teams need and requirement.

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